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I will say it now, my husband is the guru when it comes to our BBQ. I absolutely love it when he says he will do a roast or steak or anything else on the BBQ because it means a) I don’t have to cook that night and b) I know it’s going to be delicious as well – winning! One of the things that he has absolutely mastered is the art of getting the perfect pork crackling every single time on the BBQ. If you are anything like me, I find that there is nothing worse than ordering a roast pork somewhere or even cooking it at home and ending up with soft pork rind rather than crunchy crackling. So let us let you in on the secrets of getting perfect pork crackle every single time!

Perfect Pork Crackle!

It all starts with removing as much moisture as possible from the pork rind and to do this, bring the pork out and let it come to room temperature for at least half an hour (can be closer to one hour depending on the size of the roast) before you are going to cook it. Before you worry that you are going to give anyone food poisoning, please know that it is very normal and common practice to let meat come to room temperature before cooking, just don’t leave it out for any longer than it needs to be.

Pork Belly just waiting to be cooked!

First of all, prepare and preheat your BBQ to scorching hot (we use the BBQ because it gets a much hotter temp than the oven)! When you are ready, pat the rind with paper towel to remove moisture and then salt the rind and don’t be shy with the salt. The salt will help to draw out more moisture which increases your chances of crunchy pork crackle so just do it! Let it sit for a few minutes and pat dry with paper towel again and salt again! Do this at least once more, remembering to let it sit for a few minutes each time with the salt on it.

Pat with paper towel to remove moisture!
Use plenty of salt to remove more moisture!

Grab some quality olive oil (we use Cobram Estate), drizzle it on and rub it all over the rind and then salt the rind again! Put it on the prepared BBQ and leave it on high heat for at least 25 minutes. As you can see from the pic, our Weber gets quite hot and this heat (over 250 degrees) is what your pork needs to form that perfect crackle!

Make sure your BBQ is scorching hot!

Here is a pic of our pork after just 25 minutes (yum)!! Note: if your crackle hasn’t formed enough yet, leave it at the high temp for another 5 to 10 minutes.

Well formed crackle after 25 minutes!

Turn the heat down so the temp sits at about 180 degrees and cook the pork until done! We use the Weber guide (in our Weber book) for cooking times as it gives you great guidelines depending on the size of your roast etc. We use it all the time and at times we also use one of those fancy bluetooth meat thermometers as it takes the guesswork out of knowing when your meat is perfectly cooked to your liking as you can set it to rare, medium etc. Anything above this (e.g. well done) is just not ok!!

With any meat including roasts, make sure you take it off the heat, pop it on a plate or chopping board, wrap it in foil and let it rest for at least ten minutes before serving it up. If you ask my husband, this is the longest ten minutes in history!

Here is the proof that it works! Yum, perfect pork crackle everytime!

PS This superb piece of pork came from Deb and Rob at Freckle Farm. Do yourselves a favour and try their produce at least once, it is superior!


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Trudie Bishop is our Chief of Foodspiration and an experienced home cook with a passion for learning and getting kids of all ages in the kitchen.


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