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We were delighted to be asked to host Belinda, Israel and their children from The Root Cause during our cooking demo at the Greater Whitsunday Farmers Markets recently. I was surprised that I hadn’t heard of The Root Cause before they visited our town but now that I know what they are about, I am loving it! Belinda is on a mission to “transform children’s health in Australia, one lunchbox at a time!”

The Big Green Bus!!

Belinda is a qualified health coach and has created The 5 Minute Healthy Lunchbox System to help combat children’s and their families health. Belinda showcases just how easy it is to swap the packets in our lunchboxes to healthy, nutritious and tasty treats that are much better for us. During our cooking demos, Belinda showed the crowd just how easy it is to whip up these super easy Chicken, Quinoa and Ricotta Patties.

Belinda's Chicken, Quinoa and Ricotta Patties

My favourite session of the day was hands down the Mad Food Science demonstration. We had about 20 kids and adults participate and Belinda did an incredible job of involving them in talking about food, showing the kids the colours of the rainbow in real food, tasting with our tongues and not our eyes and they all came back for second helpings of the green smoothie (which was delicious)!

Belinda showing the kids the "colours of the rainbow"
The Mad Scientist in action

I have so much love for Belinda and Israel’s passion for what they are doing and achieving and I believe this is just the start for The Root Cause. I also love Belinda’s philosophy of making a meal once and being able to use it 3 times! It’s a great way of thinking and would save a huge amount of time even in our household with no kids. Check out their website and subscribe to their newsletter and you can also sign up to The 5 Minute Healthy Lunchbox System.


Belinda and Trudie!

About The Author

Trudie Bishop is our Chief of Foodspiration and an experienced home cook with a passion for learning and getting kids of all ages in the kitchen.


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