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~ About Us ~

The Family Table

The Family Table is owned and operated by me, Chief of Foodspiration, Trudie Bishop. I live in Mackay with my husband Craig and our two dogs, Macy and Bella. Mackay has been my home for over 18 years now so I am hoping that at least some people will class me as being a local!

WHY did I start The Family Table?

#1 We Bring People Together – this is absolutely and wholeheartedly the #1 reason why I started The Family Table. Modern life keeps us so busy and it is so important to find different ways to spend quality time with those you love.

#2 We Support Local Business – our region is full of incredible produce that is locally grown by our farmers, butchers and other suppliers. We are very lucky to have such wonderful suppliers and are proud to be showcasing their produce.

#3 We Are Passionate About Our Customers – getting to know our customers is one of the most rewarding parts of our business. We are passionate about providing a quality service and adding value to the lives of our customers. We are always asking for and responding to the feedback from our customers. How else are we going to know how we are going?

#4 Our Chefs Are Super Talented – our Chefs have such a wide and diverse background which means they can teach you to cook pretty much anything! Our customers have heaps of fun testing out our Chefs knowledge and asking plenty of questions but most importantly, our Chefs have the ability to relate to our customers!

#5 We Have Fun & Eat Amazing Food – in between all of the laughter and jokes (which are usually at our Chefs expense), you are prepping and creating amazing food! One of our favourite parts of each class is hearing the words “Oh my god, that is amazing” followed by “and it’s so simple to do!”

#6 You Will Learn & Learn Some More – my passion for learning is a huge part of who I am and I am absolutely beaming with pride and happiness at the end of each class because I have seen our customers (adults and kids) learn and achieve so much and it is quite often something that they never thought they could do. I love reminding our customers that “you made this!”

#7 We Are Passionate About Getting Kids In The Kitchen – there are a whole bunch of skills to be learnt and built on by getting the kids into the kitchen. We teach everything from learning how to use different kitchen tools and gadgets, the benefits of using fresh and local produce, trying new ingredients, measuring, numbers and reading! Not to mention building their confidence and independence and giving them a sense of achievement.

#8 Simple Tips To Make Things From Scratch – with our busy lives it is so easy to rely on opening a jar or a packet of something to make our meals from. There are so many things that you can do at home to incorporate fresh produce and reduce waste without having to increase your grocery bill, you are simply swapping some of your ingredients! We are focussed on showing our customers how to do this.

#9 Who Am I Anyway? I am passionate, capable, committed, self-aware, honest, generous and competitive when it comes to sport or any kind of game! I am captivated by learning and its ability to change people for the better, to grow confidence and to unlock a person’s potential. I recently became a wife and have an incredible and amazing husband! I’m a mother to two fur babies and I dream of being a real mum. I’m a best friend, a confidant, a daughter, a sister, an aunty, a business owner and a believer that things happen when you most need them to happen but that you create your own future along the way. I am also quite simply a human being who is guilty of always wanting to see the best in people and am motivated to inspire others to be their best. Oh and I love amazing food!!

#10 The Family Table Will Keep Growing & Evolving – This is just the beginning for our business and we are incredibly excited about what the future might hold. We are always open to ideas and suggestions. Got an idea? Let us know! Wondering if we can do something? Just ask!

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